ah, stuffed crust

Not too cheesy. Packed with ingredients. Full of pepperoni. Good advertising isn’t all that different than good pizza. Well, except maybe the pepperoni part. Are you craving stuffed crust yet?

Last Fall I traveled across Europe and found myself in Pisa, Italy for just over an hour. Since I always look at things from unique angles, I knew I didn’t want take a regular photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So I made my own. I created the Leaning Tower of Pizza. I secured an adequate pie, ran to my destination, snapped a photo of a big stack of slices, and caught a flight to London. An advertising challenge comes at you pretty fast. This task did too, but I thrive on the time crunch. The expectation of the extraordinary.

My heart craves a creative challenge and my mind craves way to take that challenge to the next level. My stomach? Well, that just craves pizza.