Waste Erase - HELLMANN'S

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Digital - App

Art Director: Yunxuan Wu

Problem: Food often gets wasted after sitting in the fridge, being delivered, or getting purchased at the store.

Solution: Waste Erase keeps track of when your food expires, gives you recipe ideas using expiring food, allows you to order smaller portions of food, and helps you shop smarter in the grocery store.

This piece was created for the D&AD New Blood brief competition.

hellmann's waste erase.png

The Food Tracker section of the app keeps track of purchases, notifies you when food is expiring, and suggests meals to make with the expiring food.

hellmann's waste erase2.png
hellmann's waste erase3.png
hellmann's waste erase4.png

The Food Delivery section allows you to order a portion of a meal from a restaurant based on your preferences and habits.

hellmann's waste erase7.png
hellmann's waste erase8.png

The Shopping Cart keeps track of what is added to the cart, calculates what may end up being wasted, and connects to the Food Tracker.

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