Trapped - Polaroid ZIP Instant Mobile Printer


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Merit Award - Graphis New Talent Annual 2018

Insight: People love sharing photos and want to share them fast.

Big Idea: Polaroid ZIP is so instant that you can print and share photos on-the-go so they do not have to be stuck in your phone.

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Instagram Mock-ups of print


Digital - Snapchat Filter

Insight: Snapchat is a popular way to share photos.

Big Idea: The speed of the Polaroid printer is almost as quick as a Snapchat. 

The user experiences the nostalgia of an old Polaroid photo with the border and routine of shaking the photo to develop it. 



Art Director: Yunxuan Wu

Insight: People take photos in many kinds of places.

Solution: The Polaroid printer is small and fast so you can print your photos anywhere.